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AVAG Holding SE

is one of the largest automobile trading groups in Europe. The head office is located in Augsburg, Bavaria. As a holding, AVAG participates as a majority shareholder in car dealerships in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia. Three intermediate holding companies coordinate trading activities.

105,456 vehicles sold

Total turnover of 2.7 billion euros

5,500 employees

202 dealership locations in Europe

Service provider for car dealerships

AVAG Holding SE is an umbrella company that holds shares in car dealerships and operates various brands as an exclusive car dealer. At the same time, the holding company, with its experts from various specialist areas such as marketing, IT, insurance, communications, after sales, construction, environmental management or field service, is a service provider that relieves the car dealerships of administrative work and frees up the operational managers. This allows them, as local entrepreneurs, to concentrate fully on their core competence of trading in cars. AVAG also develops special solutions for its car dealerships, such as BigDeal, distribution centers for new cars and the dealership comparison, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

The AVAG Group

Under the umbrella of the operational management and financial holding company, which is managed from the Augsburg headquarters, there are 70 trading companies at 202 operating sites throughout Europe.

Intermediate holding companies coordinate the trading activities:  


Map of Locations

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AVAG Management Board

Roman Still

Roman Still

• Bereichsvorstand Stellantis-Marken und Hyundai

Albert C. Still

Albert C. Still

• Bereichsvorstand Ausland

Markus Kruis

Markus Kruis

• Vorstand Finanzen

Ulf Pfeiffer

Ulf Pfeiffer

• Bereichsvorstand Toyota, Nissan, Honda und Ford

AVAG Supervisory Board

AVAG Aufsichtsrat

(f.l.t.r.: Peter Küspert, *1961 in Selb, Diplom-Kaufmann | Jürgen Stackmann, *1961 in Buxtehude, Diplom-Betriebswirt | Head of Supervisory Board Johannes Hall, *1954 in Vienna, Automobil-Kaufmann | Helmut Kluger, *1960 in Donauwörth, Economic M.A., M.Sc. | Prof. (EM.) Heinz-Dieter Assmann, *1951 in Heusenstamm, Rechtsanwalt | Dr. Guido Schacht, *1953 in Rechklinghausen, Diplom-Kaufmann | Karl-Manfred Lochner, *1962 im Landkreis Tirschenreuth, Diplom-Bankbetriebswirt)

Our guiding principles

Lasting honesty, openness, fairness and mutual trust in cooperation with our customers, partners and each other are the foundations of our success. We show the public that we are serious and open minded.

The automotive business is at the center of what we do each day, and the focus of the services we provide. The focus for us here is the customer, who we want to win and keep for a lifetime thanks to the high quality of our work and the fair price for our services.

Our goal is to generate above-average customer satisfaction, generate future-proof earnings and secure jobs in the long term. We want to achieve this in a climate of innovation and creativity, open and fair dealings with one another, with a high level of personal responsibility and the necessary environmental and cost awareness.

We can only achieve our ambitious goals with motivated and satisfied employees who are keen to continue their training. With fair and performance-oriented remuneration systems as well as suitable further training activities, we promote the qualification of employees and offer them development prospects in our group of companies.

Through meaningful networking of the entire organization and the information available to us, as well as through permanent organizational development, we want to exploit the advantages of scales in fair competition and while preserving the independence and individuality of the companies.

Every colleague, employee and supervisor in the company is a partner and customer for us, to whom we offer performance at a high quality level.

We are convinced that honesty, openness, fairness and mutual trust in the cooperation with our customers and among each other are decisive foundations for success. This should guide our daily actions.

We see the achievement of our goals as a permanent process that we continue to work on. In doing so, we are open to all industry developments. We encourage ideas and suggestions from employees, partners and customers.

Sustainability in AVAG

As a family-owned company with over 100 years of tradition, we always keep the environment and the future development of our planet in mind when making decisions together with our car dealers. Together, we all want to actively contribute to strengthening environmental protection and shaping a future worth living for generations to come. We are aware of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and assume social and overall societal responsibility in all our processes.
Nachhaltigkeit in der AVAG - Energie


Photovoltaic systems: We support our car dealerships in installing solar systems on their roofs. Using the sun as an energy source, we reduce CO2 emissions and feed surplus electricity back into the grid. In this way, we actively protect the environment.

Lighting concept: Modern and energy-efficient LED systems in our dealerships save electricity, protect the environment and provide optimal light. We dispense with conventional light sources as far as possible and use environmentally friendly LED solutions in our buildings wherever possible.

Electric charging stations: We are consistently expanding the charging stations at our sites. Our charging stations pave the way to an electric, emission-free future.

Resources & environmental protection

Environmentally sound disposal. Not all waste is the same. We take responsibility and ensure environmentally and climate-friendly disposal. At our dealerships, for example, 80 percent of waste is recycled in a managed system. This allows us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Water. Most of our workshops are declared wastewater-free. We operate our on-site car washes exclusively with recycling systems. This reduces water consumption of about 90 percent.

Paperless processes. We aim to increase the use of digital documents, paperless solutions and mobile devices for paperless processes. This means that we can reduce our energy consumption, generate less waste and simplify workflows.

Ressourcen und Umweltschutz

In the spirit of sustainability, the further training of our employees is important to us. Our AVAG Academy always provides up-to-date learning content on topics such as environmental protection, sustainability, occupational safety and recycling, among others. These seminars are mandatory for all.
AVAG Holding SE is committed to the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains, which makes sustainable action mandatory for us and our entire supply chain. You can read our public policy statement here.